Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I experience bleeding, chest pain, abdominal pain or breathing difficulty, what should I do?

A: After any procedure, whether with or without anesthesia, any BLEEDING, CHEST PAIN, ABDOMINAL PAIN or BREATHING DIFFICULTY experienced after the procedure should be reported to your Physician immediately. If unable to reach your physician, CALL 911 WITHOUT HESITATION and IMMEDIATELY.

Q: If I had removed tissue samples, biopsies, etc..., when will I get the results?

A: If any specimens are removed (tissue samples, biopsies etc) during your exam, the specimens are sent to a Pathologist for examination. The pathology results will be sent to your urology doctor within 10 business days. If you have not heard the results within 10 business days, please call your urology doctor’s office for those results.

Q: If I recieved sedation/anesthesia for my procedure, what must I avoid doing?

A: If you have received sedation/anesthesia for your procedure, you must avoid driving, operating any machinery, drinking any alcohol, taking any sleeping type medications and making important decisions for 24 hours. You may resume normal activities after 24 hours (work, driving, etc). Someone must remain with you for this time.

Q: If I have recieved sedation/anesthesia for my procedure, what should I expect?

A: If you have received sedation/anesthesia for your procedure, you may experience some light-headedness or dizziness for a few hours after your exam; please move and change positions slowly to avoid losing your balance.

Q: When will I be able to eat again?

A: You are usually able to begin eating a regular diet soon after your procedure unless otherwise directed by your healthcare team. Start with a light, non-spicy meal to make sure your empty stomach will tolerate food, and then progress to whatever you would like to eat.

Q: If my IV site feels uncomfortable, what should I do?

A: If your IV site should be uncomfortable or sore after your discharge, please apply a cold compress on the day of your procedure for 15 minutes, three times that day. If the soreness persists the next day, apply a warm compress for 15 minutes three times a day. If the soreness/pain persist longer than the day after your procedure, or if your IV site becomes red or develops drainage, please notify your Physician right away.

Q: What should I be aware of during the first 48 hours after my procedure?

A: During the first 48 hours after your procedure, please notify your doctor immediately if you develop a fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, or if you develop chills with or without a fever, please notify your doctor immediately. If your require care from a physician other than your surgeon, please notify your surgeon.

Q: If I have questions about my anesthesia care?

A: Any questions regarding your anesthesia care should be referred to the anesthesiologist, their answering service or to their billing company by calling: (713) 559-6929