Careers at Houston Metro Urology

Opportunity and Growth:

We recruit the best people we can to become part of our team. We empower them to make their own decisions, creating a respectful workplace where people are treated fairly and are highly motivated to succeed. We look for people who are passionate about healthcare and for well-rounded people who will help build our company and be proactive members of their communities.

Diversity - across our communities here in Houston

HMU values diversity in the workplace, welcoming the strength that comes from a group of employees with different backgrounds, language, culture, skills set and other relevant attributes that differentiate individuals.


Being part of a successful company means you have access to a range of employee benefits including medical insurance, paid vacation, paid holidays, 401(k) plan and much more.

Keeping things balanced

We recognize the connection between our lives and our communities. We continuously seek to balance our needs as people along with the needs of our communities. We strive to support our local communities, practice environmental stewardship and fulfill our responsibilities as citizens.

We welcome resumes for candidates that can:

  • Become part of a group
  • Work independent without direction when needed
  • Be punctual
  • Follow directions, especially from supervisor(s)/manager(s)
  • Follow CAP/CLIA rules and regulations
  • Be able to use a computer
  • Be able to multi-task efficiently and effectively
  • Be able to communicate well with others
  • Be able to handle human specimens (urine, blood, tissue, ect.)
  • Be able to work flexible schedules
  • Respects and maintains the confidentiality of information related to patients
  • Strives to maintain a positive work environment

All resumes must include:

  • Personal contact information
  • Past work history
  • List of all academic training
  • List of all certifications
  • List of references with updated contact information
  • List of honors and awards


Thanks for your interest in working at HMU. Our company hires experienced people for the following positions:

  • Medical Assistant
  • Billing/Coding
  • Front Office/Reception
  • Call Center
  • X-Ray/Ultrasound Technicians
  • Radiation Therapists
  • Lab Technician

We frequently have available positions. You can submit your resume so that we have it on file as positions become available. To do so Click the button below and then hit submit.