SIMILAR DRUGS: Androderm patches, Testoderm patches

Why is the drug prescribed?
Depo-Testosterone is used for the treatment of low male hormone production in the male, particularly testosterone. It is provided in 10 cc (two teaspoons) glass vials, with 200 milligrams of testosterone per cc (one cc is equal to 1/5 of a teaspoon).

When and how should it be used?
Depo-Testosterone is testosterone that is suspended in a special oil base that allows for slow delivery into the blood stream. The injections, given into muscles, are usually administered every two to three weeks, although the amount and frequency needed by patients vary tremendously.

What precautions must I use with Depo-Testosterone?
Male hormones, including testosterone, have potential side effects and risks. These include a small chance of allergic reactions. Some other types of male hormones have been reported to cause liver problems, including hepatitis and liver tumors. Testosterone is not known to cause these effects. Some patients note swelling of the legs (edema) which might require water pills (diuretics) to treat. Some patients develop slight enlargement or tenderness of one or both breasts.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the growth of prostate tissue, and has the potential side effect of causing an increased growth rate in normal and cancerous prostates. In addition, a possible increased risk of developing prostate cancer might exist. Patients who are known to have cancer or significant enlargement of the prostate (benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH); cancer of the kidney, liver, or breast; or significant heart, liver or kidney disease should not be given male hormone treatments. Patients taking anti-coagulants (Coumadin), insulin or the anti-inflammatory drug Oxyphenbutazone might need dose changes, and this should be brought to the attention of your regular medical doctor.