Metastron Strontium-89 Chloride Injection

What is Metastron?
For many years doctors have used certain types of radiation to relieve the pain experienced by people like yourself. Metastron is a new development in this type of treatment. Metastron (Strontium-89 Chloride Injection) contains small amounts of a specially selected form of radioactive strontium, chosen because almost all of its radiation is given to the area where it is absorbed. This allows it to deliver therapy precisely where it is needed.

What effect will Metastron have?
At first you will feel no effect at all. You may even feel a slight increase in pain for two or three days, beginning two or three days after injection. This is quite normal, and we may suggest that you temporarily increase your dose of pain killers until the pain is under control.

After about one to two weeks, sometimes a little longer, you should begin to feel the pain diminish. This reduction in pain should continue and the effect should then last for several months.

Are there any side effects?
None that you will normally notice. You can eat and drink normally, and there is no need to avoid alcohol or caffeine unless you have already been advised to do so. There may be a slight fall in the number of cells in your blood and we will want to carry out periodic, routine blood tests. If you have any concerns you should, of course, talk with us.

Should I stop taking pain-killing drugs?
We may advise you to continue taking your pain-killing medicine until Metastron becomes effective. You may then be advised to gradually reduce the dose of your pain medications. We may want to continue reducing the dose, and eventually you may not need pain killers at all. If you have any doubts, consult us.

What about other treatments?
We will advise you about other treatments that are required. You may have been receiving hormone injections or tablets, and we may wish you to continue with these.

What activities can I undertake?
The injection will not prevent you from doing anything that you were already doing. As Metastron begins to relieve the pain, you may find that you can tackle activities that were previously too difficult or too painful. Usually, there is no problem with this but be careful not to overdo it! If you are in any doubt, talk to us.

Who should I tell that I have received Metastron?
You should tell any health practitioners who are giving you medical treatment that you have received Metastron, and show them this leaflet or have them call us.

What precautions should I take?
The effects of Metastron are confined within your own body. Other people will not be harmed through bodily contact with you.

During the first week after injection, Metastron will be present in your blood and urine. It is therefore important that you follow the common sense precautions listed below for one week.

Where a normal toilet is available it should be used in preference to a urinal. The toilet should be flushed twice. Wipe up any spilled urine with a tissue and flush away. Always be sure to wash your hands after using the toilet. Immediately wash any linen or clothes which become stained with urine or blood. Wash them separately from other clothes, and rinse thoroughly. If you use any urine collection device, take advice on its use from your doctor. If you should cut yourself, wash away any spilled blood.

What happens if my pain returns?
For many people who receive Metastron, the effect lasts for several months. If pain returns, you should consult us. We may give you another Metastron injection if this is the most appropriate treatment.