Mitomycin (intravesical

As with any drug, there may be unanticipated adverse effects due to Mitomycin-C. You are encouraged to promptly report any unusual or severe reactions to us for evaluation.

The more common side effects of Mitomycin-C

  • Inflammation of the bladder, which could cause your bladder to hold less urine
  • If contact with the skin occurs, a rash could appear. (It is necessary to wash your hands and genitalia after urinating.)

The less common and reversible side effects of Mitomycin-C
Depression of the bone marrow (the blood-forming organ) which may lead to

  • decrease in white blood cells, which may increase one's risk of infection
  • decrease in blood platelets (important in blood clotting), which may cause the blood to take a longer time to clot, possibly allowing for some bleeding and bruising
  • decrease in red cells or hemoglobin (oxygen carriers), which may give you symptoms of shortness of breath, weakness and fatigue.
The drug's effect on the bone marrow can be prolonged and cumulative but is reversible, and transfusions are available if needed to counteract decreases in these cells until your bone marrow recovers. Blood samples will be taken frequently to monitor these effects of the drug on your bone marrow.

The more serious and irreversible side effects of Mitomycin-C
Changes may occur in the sex cells of both men and women receiving this drug. If conception occurs, there may be abnormal development of the unborn child, possibly resulting in miscarriage.

Although this drug has been tested, there is the possibility of other side effects occurring which have not been previously seen.