Testoderm (Testosterone)

Similar Drugs: Depo-Testosterone, Androderm

Why is the drug prescribed?
Testoderm (testosterone) is used for the treatment of low male hormone production in the male -- particularly testosterone.

When should it be used?
Testoderm is a special patch that is made to cling to the genital skin. One patch should be used every day.

How should it be used?
Testoderm is a thin, flexible film you wear on the scrotum. The outside backing of the film is a soft, white-textured fabric. The inside drug layer is a smooth, shiny, transparent film that clings to the scrotum. A clear plastic protective liner covers the drug layer and must be removed before use. Testoderm is made to cling to the genital skin, but special care improves skin contact and therapy. You must remove the hair from the scrotum by dry shaving with a disposable razor. We do not recommend using special chemical hair removers. Each patch lasts for 22 to 24 hours, once used.

How to apply Testoderm
Wash and thoroughly dry the skin before application. The patches should be placed while in a room warm enough to be comfortable without wearing clothes -- the warmth helps the system cling to the skin better. Warm your hands, if necessary, in warm water and dry them thoroughly. A hair dryer on warm settings (not hot) may also be helpful to warm the skin of the scrotum and hands. Stretch the skin as you apply the patches to the scrotum. You may need to shave the scrotal area about once a week to keep the hair short. Testoderm may be applied sitting or standing, with the legs apart. The skin of the scrotum should be stretched gently to remove the folds, and the penis should be held against the lower abdomen while spreading the skin with the fingers of the hand. You should cup your hands around the patch for about 10 to 15 seconds to ensure good contact, and when released the patch should cling to the natural folds and wrinkles of the scrotal skin. To remove the patch, gently peel the patch from the skin. If the patch has been used for a full day, you should discard it.

If you plan to reapply the patch because it has been on for less than a day, set it aside with the skin contact surface facing upwards. When reapplying, make sure the skin is dry and clean and reapply the patch as mentioned above.

What precautions must I use with Testoderm?
Testoderm is used for the treatment of low male hormone production in the male -- particularly testosterone. Male hormones, including testosterone, have potential side effects and risk, including a small chance of allergic reactions. Some other types of male hormones have been reported to cause liver problems, including hepatitis and liver tumors. Testosterone is not known to cause these effects. Some patients note swelling of the legs (edema), which might require treatment with water pills.(diuretics) Some patients develop slight enlargement or tenderness of one or both breasts.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the growth of prostate tissue, and has the potential side effect of causing an increased growth rate in normal and cancerous prostates. In addition, a possible increased risk of developing prostate cancer might exist. Patients who are known to have or suspected to have cancer or significant enlargement of the prostate; cancer of the kidney, liver or breast; or significant heart, kidney or liver disease should not be given male hormone treatments. Patients taking anti-coagulants (Coumadin), insulin or the anti-inflammatory drug Oxyphenbutazone might need dose changes. This should be brought to the attention of your regular medical doctor.