Low Testosterone (Hypogonadism)

Low testosterone

In some men with erectile dysfunction there is an underlying deficiency in testosterone. This occurs with aging and the decreasing testicle production of testosterone that may occur. Symptoms of low testosterone include lack of libido or sex drive, tiredness, depression, mood swings, loss of morning erections and poor erectile function.

Hormone therapy

Hormone treatments, namely testosterone, can be used in men whose production of male hormones is low. Testosterone replacement therapy can be given in several forms including gels, implantable pellets or injections and generally only help men who have low levels of testosterone, which can be measured by the physician at the initial evaluation. Testosterone treatments are not without problems, however, as the use of the drug can stimulate the growth of prostate tissue. Testosterone cannot be used in patients with known or suspected prostate cancer, as the cancer could grow more rapidly. Other less common side effects of testosterone use include liver injury and increased blood pressure. Men who regularly take testosterone usually stop sperm production, and permanent infertility could result if testosterone is used long enough.