Serving our Country and our Future

War II veteran, Mr. Myers has served our great nation in more ways than one. He has been living in Houston since 1946 and watched this great city grow into the thriving metropolis it is today.

After his Urologist, Dr. Sutton, recommended him to a clinical trial for prostate cancer due to his elevating PSA, Mr. Myers was eager to jump in. Clinical Trials not only provide close medical monitoring, but are on the cutting edge of all treatments available and often succeed when many other treatments have failed.

By participating in this clinical trial, Mr. Myers is not only helping himself, but bettering generations after him. He is a firm believer in the future.

“If your standing still, your going backwards” says Mr. Myers “ It is an absolute pleasure working with the people at Houston Metro Urology. Everyone is very considerate and caring. I have learned so much by participating in this research.”

We admire Mr. Myer’s enthusiasm and look forward to curing patients and contributing to the field of medical progress within the Houston community and to the rest of the world.


Jim A.

“These are remarkable people, they make you feel like family. Maribel makes you feel right at home.”

“If they weren’t here, I might not be here right now.”


Susan L.

“I called the clinic several times with questions before and after my surgery. The first time I called, Dr. Filmar’s nurse told me he would call me back later in the day. To my surprise, no more than 2 minutes went by and I received a phone call from him. Each time I called, Dr. Filmar would return my phone call within the hour. He listened carefully to all my concerns and I felt comfortable asking him the smallest of questions. Dr. Filmar truly takes a personal interest in his patients. His interest in my wellbeing was extremely reassuring and it made the difference in my recovery.”



“So many people in the medical field who deal with serious situations every day, don’t realize the agony a patient can go through with even a simple test that no one thinks will be a problem. The doctor and the staff in your office have been empathetic and so wonderful in helping me.”



“When I was facing surgery in March, your staff handled everything so professionally and courteously. You eased my fears and helped speed the arrangement process. You answered all my questions and helped me understand the implications of the surgery.”



“I feel the quality of service I received at your clinic was superior to that which I received from the previous urologist.”