24 Hour Urine Collection


The 24-hour urine collection is an essential test in the evaluation of kidney stones and in special kidney diseases which cause the loss of protein in urine. The test may be started any time during the day, but the exact time must be noted. (Usually, first thing in the morning works best.)


There are no risks with this procedure.


No restrictions of diet, fluids or medications exist for this examination. It is recommended that you follow your routine diet during this exam to get an adequate picture of your metabolic profile.


This is a test that requires the accurate collection of urine for 24 hours. You will be provided with a container that has a preservative. Follow the instructions exactly and return the container to the office at the end of the collection period.

  • When you awaken in the morning urinate into the toilet (not the container) and record the time on the container. (This empties the bladder of urine that was made by the kidneys during the night.)
  • Collect all the urine for the next 24 hours in the container.
  • Set your alarm to awaken at the same time as the day before and urinate into the container. This collects the urine made by the kidneys during the night.

For example

If you awaken Monday morning (the day you will begin the 24-hour collection) at 7 a.m., urinate into the toilet and write "7 a.m." on the container. Collect all the urine during the day and night in the container for the next 24 hours. Set your alarm to awaken Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. Urinate into the container and bring the container to the office with your name and date on it.

Please call our office if you have any questions.