Cystoscopy is a procedure that is used to visually inspect the bladder and the urethra (tube leading out of the bladder). This can be done without discomfort in most instances by the use of a local anesthetic jelly (not a shot). You will be placed on a special table with your legs in special stirrups. The end of the urinary channel (or urethra) will be cleaned and a local anesthetic placed into the urinary channel for a few moments. The cystoscope (or telescope) is passed into the bladder and the inspection is carried out. The entire exam takes less that 10 minutes. Afterwards you might experience a little discomfort with voiding and perhaps a spot of blood for a day or so. A warm bath helps to relieve this irritation and will also wash off the soap we used to prep the area. You may need antibiotics for a few days afterward. Ask if you have questions.

Possible risks

A small risk of infection exists with this type of procedure. If new symptoms of burning, frequency or bleeding occur, please let your doctor know.


No restrictions of diet, fluids or medications exist for this examination