MRI Scan of Abdomen


The magnetic resonance imaging (or MRI) scan is a new and safe technique for determining the presence of abnormal tumors or lymph nodes in your abdomen. No X-rays or dyes are needed during this study. Magnetic waves are measured as they course through the abdomen, and these waves are interpreted by a computer as exact images of the internal structures. The test takes a while to accomplish and you must remain still during the imaging. The worst part maybe the loud noise accompanying the scan, but you will be given ear protectors. Also, you will be placed in a tube-like structure that you may find a bit confining.

Possible risks

A strong magnet is used in this test. Let us know if you have a pacemaker or any other metal object inside you, or if you have previously had brain surgery.


No restrictions of diet, fluids or medications exist for this examination.