Women's Health Conditions

Women's pelvic health

Women's pelvic health and reconstructive surgery ("Urogynecology") is a relatively new field in medicine that treats women with urinary incontinence and pelvic floor disorders. These disorders are remarkably common, but many women are reluctant to receive or ask for help because of the stigma associated with these conditions.

Houston Metro Urology has fellowship trained physicians that specialize in the treatment of these disorders. We emphasize patient education and empower women to make their own health decisions. All available treatments (including surgical and non surgical treatments) are thoroughly explained to each patient so she is able to chose the appropriate treatment that fits her way of life.

Some of the common conditions that we treat include (please click for more information)

Kidney Problems

The kidneys play key roles in body function, not only by filtering the blood and getting rid of waste products, but also by balancing levels of electrolyte levels in the body, controlling blood pressure, and stimulating the production of red blood cells.

In 2001, of all new patients diagnosed with kidney failure in Canada , 55% were 65 and older. Men made up 58% of the cases, and are still the majority of CKD patients. However, in a five-year period there was a 23% increase in the number of men diagnosed with kidney failure, compared to a 45% increase in the number of women.

Bladder Problems

Lots of women -- regardless of age -- are secretly dealing with it. More than 13 million Americans have incontinence, and women are twice as likely to have it as men, according the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. About 25% to 45% of women suffer from urinary incontinence, defined as leakage at least once in the past year. The rates of urinary incontinence increase with age: 20%-30% of young women , 30%-40% of middle-aged women, and up to 50% of older women suffer from urinary incontinence.

Specialty Physician
Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez
Urology Dr. Larry Baum
Dr. Paolo Champion
Dr. Karen Delhey
Dr. David Goldfarb
Dr. Richard Goldfarb
Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez
Dr. Alan Hananel
Dr. Gregory Hester
Dr. Anthony Hoang
Dr. Stephen Lapin
Dr. Michael Lewitton
Dr. Robert Light
Dr. Brian Lord
Dr. Michael Mineo
Dr. Kevin Nickell
Dr. Carl Ogletree
Dr. Brian Powers
Dr. Schiffman
Dr. Sutton
Dr. Herbert Watkins